Why Wazucha?

Discover the world's finest Japanese green tea at Wazucha. Our founder, Jan, learned the art of green tea production from local tea masters in Wazuka, a town with a rich 900-year-old tradition in green tea. We offer high-quality green teas sourced from the best leaves. Shop now and experience the taste of Japan.

Our story

Welcome to our online tea shop where we bring the world's finest Japanese green tea to your doorstep. Our journey began when our founder, Jan Mahne, travelled the world in search of the best tea. He journeyed to Japan and found himself in the small town of Wazuka, nestled in the mountains near Kyoto, known for its rich 900-year old tradition in green tea production.

While in the town, he worked with the local tea masters and learnt the art of green tea production. He was struck by the care and precision that went into each step of the process, from selecting the finest tea leaves, to packaging the tea. He was also fascinated by the cultural significance of tea in Japan, and the way in which it brings people together.

Inspired by his experience in Japan, our founder Jan, returned home and established our tea shop, with the mission of sharing the world's finest teas with tea lovers.

Our tea shop offers a wide range of high-quality green teas, carefully sourced from the best tea-growing region. So whether you're looking for a delicious cup of green tea to start your day, or you want to gift a friend or loved one  a special treat, our tea shop has something for everyone. 

Experience the world's finest teas and join us on a journey to a more relaxed and mindful life.